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Public Speaking

If you are organizing a conference, you know the importance of offering quality content to your audience. So do I. After joining countless events on blockchain and digital assets, I understand what makes an event successful, and I can help you make the cut.

With my informal and dynamic public speaking style, I encourage debate and audience participation to offer an interactive experience for all. I will make your event a success by ensuring the content is tailored for your audience, and allows everyone to learn something specific to their fields.

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Education & Training

I pride myself on making complex topics accessible to all.
My classes bring students, individuals and companies up to speed regarding blockchain and digital assets.

Panels & Working Groups

After years of work and research in the fields of FinTech and digital assets,
I share my expertise with simplicity and humor to offer an educating yet entertaining experience to my audience.

Master of Ceremony

Outside my fields of expertise, I gladly animate events and conferences. 
As an MC, I foster audience participation and make sure each speaker is introduced and appreciated as they should, but I am not afraid of enforcing strict adherence to the schedule.

Consulting & Advisory

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Blockchain and cryptocurrencies offer a clear opportunity to innovate and build a better world,  but it proves challenging to keep up with the fast pace of the space, and even more so, to create business value in an ever-changing environment.

As a consultant and advisor, I help companies and individuals understand tomorrow’s digital economy, and unlock its potential. I decrypt complex information for my clients, I provide clear answers and give them the tools they need for strategic decision-making and investing.

Do you wonder how blockchain could disrupt or benefit your company ? How a recent news might affect your activity, your investments or the blockchain industry at large ? Would you like to know the potential costs and benefits of using these technologies in your business ? Do you need an expert to assess your investment or perform due dilligence ?



Deeply rooted in economics and game theory, "Token Economics" are a new discipline aiming to create ecosystems of great value through the incentivization of specific behaviors.

After collaborating with many token projects, I developped an expertise that will help you understand the factors influencing the value of a cryptocurrency or token, and will give you the confidence you need to navigate this complex industry.


Stablecoins offer the promise of a financial system with high-efficiency and low volatility. Amidst a stablecoin-craze, I help you ignore the noise and identify true opportunities.

Fascinated by the future of crypto-assets and their role within the global Economy, I am currently finishing a book on the future of money with Pr Dr. Michel Girardin, specialist of central banks and monetary issues. The book will be released by the "Editions Slatkine" in 2020.


Despite heavy regulatory requirements, it is possible for fintech companies to offer a seamless onboarding experience, transparent operations, and effective customer-service.

After working with various crypto-exchanges and ICOs, I firmly believe a fintech product can only find success by offering a frictionless and transparent user-experience in every interaction with the customer. 

Project Management

Some of my favourite experiences were project management of early stage start-ups. I truly enjoy leading diverse teams working together towards ambitious goals. Especially in FinTech and blockchain, where it is crucial to adapt quickly and creatively to ever-changing environments.

Here are some examples of projects managed:

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Emilie Raffo is a Consultant & Public Speaker for Cryptocurrencies, Crypto-assets, Tokenization, FinTech and Blockchain in Geneva, Switzerland

ICO and launch of a crypto-exchange

Raising funds and lauching a crypto-exchange by coordinating up to 15 people and adapting our strategies to the arrival of crypto-winter. 

Despite an unwelcoming market, our team sold all the tokens and allowed ETERBASE to come to life.

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